Kylie Jenner face backlash from social media followers on her fitness routine video

Kylie Jenner the 23-year-old famous celebrity and businesswoman having a net worth of US $900 Million is under fire from her social media followers who are criticizing her intense workout routine show off on the social media.

Kylie shared a short TikTok video on her social media page, focussing and elaborating her typical Monday routine, which included a full day of physical activity.

Kylie iwearing matching gym gear going for a long hike with a friend, followed by a run and finished off with a grueling training session with weights at her swanky home gym.

“Never miss a Monday!” is the caption she gave to the video.

Majority of her social media followers since then are replying that such schedule, workout and time can be devoted to ones physical fitness and maintenance only by ultra ‘rich’ celebrities…

Many commented that Kylie doesn’t need to work 40 hours a week for survival so she can afford the fitness regime.