Ali Zafar releases first duet with his brother Danyal Zafar

LAHORE: In a first, Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar have come out with a song together and it’s presented in the most unique fashion. Titled Raat Din, the track dropped on Wednesday and sees avatars of both brothers in an animated music video, which is quite a visual treat.

The song itself subtly represents the duality of night and day and the effect each has on the emotions of a man. These emotions, however, remain unchanged when one is in love and the singers express how they continue to dream of their lover, awake or asleep.

The music is quite minimal and meditative, the kind Danny Zee utilizes in most of his songs, such as Udh Chaliye or Akhiyaan. Shared on Ali’s YouTube channel, the song description reads, “Is reality [really] what it seems? [Is there] any truth to our dreams? Awaken and embrace the mask behind the face. Question everything you see; we are far more than we believe.

Introducing, AZX – the revolution begins!” The music video offers a dream world and a post-apocalyptic world.

It shows both Ali and Danyal navigating through love and loss, coming to terms with another reality while being consumed by the emptiness around them.

They find their lovers, only to watch a solar eclipse together. There isn’t any talking, just silence and contemplation.

The track offers a calm of sorts, after the chaos, a story and a feeling. It’s not very impressive as a song, and lyrically, it’s not very verbose either.

But the visual presentation, combined with the peace evoked through the audio, makes for a track you’d hear every once in a while on a starry night in the memory of someone.

And it certainly marks the first of hopefully many Ali and Danyal collaborations.