Anum quits Showbiz for Islam

LAHORE: The showbiz industry is a world of glitz and glamour. Fashion, style and glitter are what attract people to join the fields of fashion, acting and music.

The Pakistani entertainment industry has been through its ups and downs but it has been growing readily in the last few years.

The drama industry is big while the film industry has also been resurrected. More and more youngsters are aspiring to join showbiz and want to earn money and fame through it. Among this Anum Fayyaz has announced saying goodbye to her showbiz career.

Anum Fayyaz had established a place in dramas and we saw her in many projects. Even after getting married and becoming a mom to a child, Anum kept on working and has many fans in Pakistan. But she has been missing from the screens for some time now and has been posting pictures in hijab. Anum has now come out and announced that she is leaving the showbiz industry for Islam. She made the announcement on her Instagram