Samsung wants to be using 100 percent renewable energy by 2020

Samsung aims to go completely green in office buildings, factories and operational facilities across the US, Europe and China.

Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, said Thursday that it’s committed to transitioning its existing facilities, offices and factories across US, Europe and China to 100 percent renewable energy sources within two years.

In Korea, the company is preparing to turn its Digital City headquarters into a solar panel paradise, installing 42,000 square metres worth of panels across its home turf. That’s roughly six football fields worth of sun-catching, energy-producing goodness right there.

Earlier in April, rival smartphone giant Apple said that all of its facilities, retail stores, offices and data centres around the world now use 100 percent renewable energy. This seems like a little bit of a catch up for Samsung and comes not too long after Apple really ramped up its advertising campaign regarding climate change and producing phones built using 100 percent renewable energy.

In addition, Samsung will install solar arrays and generate geothermal power at Pyeongtaek campus and Hwaseong campus by 2020.

“As demonstrated by our expanded commitment, we are focused on protecting our planet and are doing our part as a global environmental steward,” said Executive Vice President Won Kyong Kim.

Samsung will also be approaching partners in its supply chain, working with the top 100 companies to help it set and achieve its own renewable energy targets. It will also look to join the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Program, which helps companies monitor and manage their impact on the environment, next year.