Saba Qamar’s brother passes away

KARACHI (The HQ News) Saba, taking it to her Instagram story, announced the tragic news. She wrote Munna with a broken heart emoji.

Her closest friend Meshal Cheema confirmed the news through her Instagram. She wrote: ‘This is unfortunate and extremely shocking for me to announce that Saba’s brother had died today in the morning so everyone pls take a moment and pray for the departed soul.”

The famous actress of Pakistan and India, Saba Qamar, is quite famous for her talent. One good thing about Saba is that she is seen working on all the projects which are based on real-life stories. The actress says that if no actress will agree to work on a bold project, how will they be shown on TV?

The 38-year-old Pakistani actress and model Saba Qamar have won the hearts of people by acting in successful dramas like Baaghi. On the other hand, she has also gone to India and done a film with senior Indian actor Irrfan Khan. Her film Hindi Medium achieved record-breaking success worldwide, including in Pakistan. Saba fits into every character as if that character was made for her and that is the mark of a good actress.

But in today’s article, we will see the bad news that Saba Qamar’s brother is no longer in this world. This news was confirmed by Saba Qamar manager Meshal Cheema to the fans. He wrote in his post, “I am deeply saddened that Saba’s brother is no longer in this world and he has passed away. No one knows what caused the sudden death.