PTV may revive Ainak Wala Jin, says Haseeb Pasha

LAHORE (The HQ News) The Pakistan Television (PTV) is planning to revive the memories of the good old days by telecasting Ainakwala Jinn, a children’s favourite programme of yesteryears.

The play telecast for almost a decade from 1993 to 2002 kept children glued to TV sets and was one of the productions telecast in PTV’s heyday.

In an interview with a local news media, Haseeb Pasha, a TV star and man behind the show said, “I recently had a conversation with some PTV officials at the Lahore station and they expressed their desire to revive the show on the miniscreen,” said Mr Pasha. He said the ineffable memories of a whole generation were attached with this show as they grew up watching this children’s attraction on television back in 90s.

Asked why the play went off the screen in 2002, Mr Pasha said the programme was over because of a lack of interest of producers and others in the PTV. Hafeez Tahir was the creator, producer and writer of this show and he had immense interest in this production. After his (Mr Tahir’s) retirement, Mr Pasha said, no one bothered to keep the show rolling.

He said the show with new looks had been taking place at the Alhamra Arts Centre on The Mall, since February 2022 and a puppet theatre been incorporated into the show a couple of weeks ago. This puppet theatre had an extended history; it was introduced three decades ago by Samina Ahmed, TV artiste and producer, who used to be the Deputy Director Programmes at the Lahore Arts Council.
The dual show of Ainak Wala Jin and Putli Tamasha is attracting large audiences, mostly children, who flock to Alhamra every Sunday. The visiting children are given sweets by a ‘fairy’ and they feel excited and enjoy the ambiance. Ainakwala Jinn is an educational show in which children are shown different segments conveying messages of peace, harmony, love for the country, respect for teachers and the value of truth. The show has got a new set, lighting system, décor and costumes.