Feroze hasn’t paid his children’s dues: Aliza’s lawyer

KARACHI (The HQ News)While speaking to the press on Wednesday, Qaim Shah, Aliza Sultan’s lawyer updated on the maintenance suit filed by his client and disclosed that the respondent, Feroze, has not appeared in court and only forwarded his response through his own attorney, which “has no value in this procedure.”
He further elaborated on the lawsuit highlighting how the judge was offended by Feroze’s absence in court today and has changed the forthcoming hearing dates.
He stated, “The court has returned the defendant’s response as things are not filed this way by law. The second hearing’s date was initially set on November 29 but after today, the judge changed the date to November 5, so that the children’s maintenance can be decided as quickly as possible.” Shah also emphasised that Feroze has not paid any maintenance for his children. “Since 2.5 months, the children haven’t received any maintenance. They have not gotten a single penny yet, and all expenses are borne by the mother,” He added.
He concluded the talk by reminding people that maintenance is required by law to be paid by the children’s father. He noted, “According to Islamic Law, and Pakistan’s law, maintenance is the responsibility of the father only. It’s the children’s right.”
In response to the case filed against Aliza for allegedly submitting “forged evidence” in court, Shah assured the press that all documents are verified. He said, “I am stating on instructions of my client that these are a hundred percent authentic documents.”
“There is a medical examination report, that’s a hundred percent authentic as well, if anyone has any doubts, they can visit the hospital and get the documents checked there too,” he added.