Alizeh Shah recent shoot stuns her fans

KARACHI (The HQ News) She recently did a bridal makeup campaign with Maryam Azhar and both have done a perfect job. Maryam chose golden and bronzy makeup for Alizeh Shah viral photoshoot. Her hair is perfectly blown out with bouncy curls falling down her shoulders. The amazing actress wore Farah and Fatima’s dreamy gold bridal attire. The makeup, dress, jewelry, and beauty are complementing each other perfectly.
Also, the photography is outclassed. Azeem Sani has captured this beauty for Alizeh’s fans to behold forever. Along with being amazingly beautiful, she continuously transforms herself. She recently put on a lot of weight but after Alizeh Shah weight loss, she is back in action. Speaking of her acting skills, her acting is natural and mesmerizing for the viewers. After her reappearance on the TV screen, the famous Ehd-e-Wafa actress is showcasing her acting skills in Taqdeer drama. She is working opposite Sami Khan in the lead role.

She has always tried to improve herself and stay popular. Whether it is her beauty, her acting, singing, TikTok, or some scandals, Alizeh knows how to make her space. Along with being a good actress, she has a euphoric voice. Alizeh sings very well in her melodious voice. Earlier, she used to post some videos of her singing song covers. However, she showed her vocals in Falak Shabbir’s music video, Yaadan. The song is praised by a lot of people. She has her birthday on 9th June and the actress is just 19 years old. She joined the showbiz industry at a very young age and she continues to amaze the audience with her talent. Alizeh Shah has not shared much about her family till now but she posted a cute picture with her mother while she was going for a shoot which suggests that just like many other new actresses, her mother accompanies her to work sometimes which is so sweet.

Alizeh Shah biography will surely surprise you. You will be surprised to know that she is only eighteen years old. Her birthday is on the 9th of June.
She is full of confidence and is very focused on her acting career. She is known for having the most beautiful and expressive eyes. She loves sunshine. AlizehS also believes in being brave and that is important for her more than anything else. She takes her work in showbiz very seriously. Right now, Alizeh is in relation to Noman Sami.