Punjab Govt.100 days: PM Imran Khan satisfied with CM Punjab Buzdar and his team’s achievements

LAHORE (December 22nd, 2018): Prime Minister Pakistan (PM) Imran Khan today speaking at a ceremony celebrating completion of first 100 days of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Punjab government showed his satisfaction on the achievements in 100 days.

The event started with a presentation about the achievements of the PTI led Punjab government during the first 100 days, the presentation was given by Hashim Jawan Bakht – Finance Minister of Punjab.

PTI Official twitter handle tweeted PM Imran Khan’s message congratulating the Punjab Government over its achievements in 100 days.

Earlier CM Punjab Mr. Usman Buzdar released a tweet elaborating the achievements in 100 days since the formation of PTI led Punjab government.

PM Imran Khan said that he has directed his party to agree with every demand of the opposition, but not to back down from accountability.

Referring to the protest of opposition parties over the ongoing corruption cases, the PM said, “These cases were set up during the tenure of previous government and the PTI government has no role in it.”

He said the only difference is that the incumbent government did not stop the accountability process as done by the previous governments. “There will be no compromise on accountability. The future of the country will be at stake if corrupt people are not taken to task,” the PM said.

“Major reforms will be brought in various sectors to extend relief to the general public,” he said, mentioning that civil code procedure will be reformed in order to reduce the time involved in the disposition of cases. Imran Khan said the courts will decide the cases in one year time after the introduction of these reforms.

“In past, half of the provincial budget was spent on development of Lahore city alone. Even funds for the labour community were diverted to Lahore,” the PM said as he promised to abolish that practice.

“Agricultural reforms are very important as the sector acts as a backbone of the country while police reforms are necessary to depoliticise the department and make it a modern law enforcement force,” PM Imran Khan said.

The PM elaborated that “Stiff action against corruption is important for our future generations. Opposition can’t tell us to back off from accountability,” he said.

He further added that 22 years ago when he entered into politics his main agenda was to launch a movement against corruption so now how can he backtrack from that very core agenda, adding that there is a sad precedent in the country in which people come in government to make money and later use assembly as a shield to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar along with several federal-provincial ministers, PTI workers, media representatives and others attended the ceremony.