Tired Earth a volunteer organization striving to save the earth from intensified pollution amidst coronavirus pandemic

Since the start of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic last year the major population of the world is forced to be locked down (stay inside homes) and use special measures and single use personal protective equipment (PPE) when coming in contact with other humans or things to avoid the spread of the virus.

This massive increase in use of the single use PPE specially masks and gloves has further intensified the burden of pollution and environmental damage on earth.

In such times of crisis when the earth is at highest risk of pollution and environmental damage due to “coronavirus pandemic caused lifestyle change” , “Tired Earth” has stepped up to rescue the earth.

Tired Earth a volunteer environment awareness organization has successfully created awareness about the importance of environment and its protection from the various earth and environment damaging acts we humans indulge into.

The organization is led by prominent and motivated experts including Neil Kitching, Humayun Kabir, Bouchra Sirsalane, Debbie Banks, Dr. Tony Walker,George Stacey , Heather Stacey, Max Loesche, Simon M Lamb, Hannah Steiner, Karabo Meyer who continue to develop new strategies to create awareness about saving the earth and the environment from pollution, waste, plastics etc.

In Pakistan the social media campaign of Tired Earth focusing on the increase in global pollution and environment damage caused by single use personal protective equipment (PPE) specially the single use disposable medical masks, gloves is being introduced by Melania Giordano and Brice Garreau (volunteers and journalists at Tired Earth) .

Melania Giordano and Brice Garreau social media campaign #maskuary focuses on the damage caused to the environment by the single use medical masks in the recent coronavirus pandemic tenure.

They as Tired Earth ambassadors have effectively created awareness amongst the masses about these PPE caused pollutions and how to dispose off these PPE’s properly after use.