Carbon Choices a book on common sense solutions to climate and wildlife crises

Carbon Choices is a great informative book that advises on common sense solutions to climate and wildlife crises which we face on planet earth.

It tells us how one group of sociable animals came to emit 40 billion tonnes (40,000,000,000) of an invisible gas each year, changing the chemistry of the atmosphere and the oceans, and steadily destroying the environment and life support systems that we depend on. 

We have unwittingly driven the world into a climate and wildlife crisis by the endless extraction of raw materials and our excessive consumption – primarily by wealthier people and countries.

Carbon Choices considers the psychology that drives us to buy more ‘stuff’ and whether this makes us happier.

In plain language, it describes ten building blocks that provide us with a foundation to build sensible climate change solutions; and five common-sense principles to guide us in the decisions that we make.

By applying these principles to our daily lives – our diets, homes, travel, shopping and leisure activities – we can regenerate nature and improve our society, make us healthier, happier and lead more fulfilled lives.

This popular science book will fill any gaps in your understanding of climate change and nature loss.

The author of the book Neil Kitching is a geographer and energy specialist, belonging to Scotland, has hosted COP26 in November, the host of global 2021 climate conference.

Neil Kitching in his book Carbon Choices lays out the solutions including a green action plan for government, businesses and individuals.

It will motivate all for the change in behaviour and inspire individuals, organizations and governments to campaign and to change business activity and government policies.