Belgian towns hit by worst floods in decades

BRUSSELS (The HQ News) July 25, 2021- Belgium’s southern town Dinant and a small town  Anhee (a few kilometres north of Dinant) were hit by the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday after a two-hour thunderstorm turned streets into torrential streams which washed away cars, pavements and other infrastructure as per sources.

Though massive monetary and infrastructural losses have been observed but losses of human life are not reported.

Dinant was spared the deadly floods 10 days ago that killed 37 people in southeast Belgium and many more in Germany, but the ferocity of Saturday’s storm surprised many.

Rainwater gushing down steep streets swept away huge number of cars, piling them in a heap at a crossing while washed away cobble stones, pavements and whole sections of roads (asphalt) as residents watched in fear and helplessness  from inside of their homes.