Taliban govt. to be accepted by China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar – Sardar Mandokhel

The Taliban government will soon be accepted by China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar followed by rest of the world very soon, claimed Sardar Hayaat Mandokhel the Chief of Mandokhel and Hadizai tribes on Sunday, August 15.

When asked how such a big claim is made by him? The Chief of Mandokhel and Hadizai tribes reasoned that first it is impossible now that after the withdrawal of armed forces by U.S.A. and NATO they send their forces again to Afghanistan and start a new war again, therefore these countries and the world will have to accept the Taliban government with certain conditions ( human rights, women rights protection and few others) which the Taliban government will happily accept.

Secondly the tribe Chief highlighted that with exception of Indian and British diplomatic staff the major powers like China, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and almost all other countries embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions are still operating in Afghanistan and none was closed in protest to taking over of Kabul (the Afghan capital) by the Taliban.

Third and the biggest reason the tribe Chief gave is that the west particularly the U.S.A. and India were of the strong view that in case Taliban forces proceed towards the final round of taking over Afghanistan they will be faced with strong resistance from the common citizens of Afghanistan which will be followed by even stronger resistance by world’s most advance, most expensive recently trained by U.S. and NATO 300,000 plus armed forces – but not a single citizen or Afghan Army official resisted the Taliban advancement but all surrendered obediently and majority joined Taliban.