Actress Maryam Noor is getting married

KARACHI (The HQ News) Maryam Noor Sheikh is considered one of the best actresses and models in Pakistan. And there is no doubt that this girl has immense acting talent.
She has been seen doing supporting roles in many projects but has yet to be seen in a lead role in a drama. Not many people know that she is also a lawyer by profession.

Pakistani actress Maryam Noor Sheikh turned 28 years old in the year 2022. And she announced the good news to her fans by getting engaged to Ismail Butt in the month of April 2022. The engagement photos of both of them went viral on social media and only relatives and very close friends were invited to attend this engagement.

Maryam Noor Sheikh’s fame rose when she signed on to act in the ARY digital drama serial ‘Shehnai’. It will not be wrong to say in praise of this girl that she adapts to every type of role as if that role was written for her by the writer. On the other hand, Maryam Noor’s role in Erum drama serial Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai is quite popular.

The happy news is that Maryam Noor will become Ismail Butt’s bride and wife next month in December 2022. This was confirmed by the Shehnai drama actress herself by sharing a wedding card with her fans on her official Instagram account. To get people’s attention, she also shared pictures of the dholki happening in her house with her fans and added to her happiness. In the viral photos, it can be seen that she looks very happy to be Ismail’s bride.